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About the project

Welcome to the MP3Roaster project.

The MP3Roaster project involves actually two sub-projects: MP3Roaster and the website.


MP3Roaster is a Perl hack for burning audio CDs out of MP3, OGG Vorbis, FLAC and WAV files. The main highlights of this application are an easy to use command line syntax and automatic volume leveling support for best audio CD quality.

The website

The website is what you're currently reading. Keeping the website up to date with the latest project news is not an easy task so we decided to organize it as a sub-project.


Once correctly configured MP3Roaster is very easy to use, just launch it from the command line with a bunch of compressed audio files, here is a short example:
 % mp3roaster "Root Dance.mp3" Free\ Software.flac bar.ogg Decoded.wav
This will burn Root\ Dance.mp3, Free\ Software.flac bar.ogg and Decoded.wav on your audio CD preserving the song order as specified on the command line.

Here is another example showing the usage of command line options like the dummy option:
 % mp3roaster -d "Root Dance.mp3" Free\ Software.flac bar.ogg Decoded.wav
This will do the same job as above but with the laser of your CD writer turned off, so no data will be really written.

You see MP3Roaster is really easy to use, this was one of my main goals while I've written the code: Keep it simple ;)


You can always download the latest MP3Roaster release, as a tar.gz archive, from the SourceForge download servers.

Version 0.3.0 has been released on Thu Dec 9, 2005 (Release Notes / ChangeLog)
Source package

Version 0.2.0 has been released on Tue, May 17, 2004 (Release Notes / ChangeLog)
Source package Debian package on MDN

Version 0.1.0 has been released on Tue, Sep 16, 2003 (Release Notes / ChangeLog)
Source package Debian package

Note for Debian GNU/Linux users
Since 2 July 2004 you can get MP3Roaster also via the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.
MP3Roaster has been successfully uploaded to the Debian package pool, just perform an
% apt-get install mp3roaster and you get the package installed.

Please consider the SourceForge download servers as primary download resource.

The best way for downloading the latest development version of MP3Roaster is via SVN:

% svn co
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MP3Roaster is a free software project (free as in speech, not beer) this means you can access and modify it's source code in order to improve constantly the currently available features or add new one.

If you are interested in contributing officially to the project feel free to subscribe to the mp3roaster-devel mailing list and post your comments and code there.

We are always open to improvements so your code is welcome and if it works fine and is useful it will for sure be part of the next MP3Roaster release. If you are interested in constant development contributes we may provide you write access to the subversion repository.

So feel free to check out the latets MP3Roaster development code via subversion and feel free to drop us a line if you are interesting in becoming an official MP3Roaster developer.

The project code is written in Perl so you should already have some Perl experience and no you really _don't_ need to be a ``Perl WIZARD", don't worry ;) Here is a short list of tasks to be done for MP3Roaster:
  • Distribution packagers, package MP3Roaster, for:
    • Fedora Linux and Red Hat derivates (RPM)
    • Gentoo Linux (ebuild)
    • BSD Unixes (Net, Open and FreeBSD)
    • MacOS X (Fink)
    • Win32 CygWin
  • Perl hackers for:
    • Adding new features
    • Improving the existing code
  • Porters/Testers for:
    • MP3Roaster on CygWin/Win32
    • MP3Roaster on MacOS X
    • MP3Roaster on any other Unix like OS
So if you like MP3Roaster are interested in one of the above tasks don't hesitate to contact us in order to start coding, thanks.

Mailing Lists

There are three mailing lists available for the MP3Roaster project, feel free to use them
for all your MP3Roaster related questions (Troubles, Usage questions, Comments, etc).   For MP3Roaster users.   For MP3Roaster developers.   MP3Roaster SVN commit announcements.

Please consider using the mailing lists as primary resource for usage and general related questions, you'll get feedback there.
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